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Meme question: Who would you like to be today?
...or who did you want to be as a kid? That's the question ilona_andrews asks and before I give my answer let me say that I very much would like to read yours.

Ivanhoe (video with Richard Taylor) or (video with 'Bond' Roger Moore) (PDF download) or Robin Hood (video with young Erol l Flynn), a role 'Bond' Sean Connery portayed as a man beyond his best years (PDF download of the classic tale)

Loved the arthurian romances and could see myself as TH White's 'Wart' (silent movie scene here) but never wanted to be Arthur, because I knew there would be a Lancelot somewhere - I'm more like Erec anyway, but Gwenevere is my RL daughter, so that makes me now more of a Leodegrance (not King Jared). Robin Hood I loved as Robin of Sherwood both from Michael Praed and Jason Connery, but the first series I saw as a little kid (dated then already, but inspiring) had this music .

Fittingly, even today, WHO I'd like to be is a grandson of Stephen Huxley and Gwyn, living "on the edge" of Ryhope wood (or as the recently deceased Robert Holdstock titled "Mythago Wood"). The place I live at in RL is as close as it gets I suppose, consisting of a medieval monastery surrounded by a natural forest reserve with pagan traditions. As for WHAT I'd like to be, that would be MEP, and I've still got hopes for the 2014 election. :)

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