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Last film I saw: The Page-Turner
The last film I saw (well, besides "We Feed The World", sadly a nonfiction docu-pic) was "Das Mädchen, das die Seiten Umblättert (The Page Turner, La Tourneuse de pages)", a french film from 2006/2007.
And I so agree with the review at KinoCritics.com (Your Guide in English to Movies showing in Germany) that I just give you the link: http://www.kinocritics.com/film_review.php?f=450

And to also give you some music, I select the official video for "Arrow" from Kathryn Calder's "Are you my Mother?": http://www.last.fm/music/Kathryn+Calder/+videos/+1-ocETjssgpXw

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