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10 Audio Titles on "Moon"
Creative Commons CC by hypergenesb/FlickR10 Titles in my Audio Archives on or including "Moon"
  1. Under the Moonlight - Clelia Felix
  2. Mr.Moonlight - The Beatles
  3. Blame it on the Moon - Katie Melua
  4. The Rising o' the Moon - Tri Yann
  5. Honeymoon Child - Emilia Torrini
  6. Moondance - Nightwish
  7. Moonglow - Artie Shaw & His Orchestra
  8. As long as the Moon Can Shine - Mike Batt (From: The Hunting of the Snark)
  9. The Moon Her Majesty - Jack Kerouac
  10. Under a Violet Moon - Blackmore's Night
If you search yours, what moons do you find?

There are more, but these are more or less the first ten sorted by album title. My audio archives also include "The Moonbase" (2nd Doctor Who), "Sixteen Moons", "Shepherd Moons" and "New Moon", but I did not feel like including them in the list. Honorable mention: "The Rainbow and the Moon" by Chris Simmance, first published on CD by my own publishing company back in a very previous decade.

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