irascignavojo (irascignavojo) wrote,

10 Audio Titles on "Moon"

Creative Commons CC by hypergenesb/FlickR10 Titles in my Audio Archives on or including "Moon"
  1. Under the Moonlight - Clelia Felix
  2. Mr.Moonlight - The Beatles
  3. Blame it on the Moon - Katie Melua
  4. The Rising o' the Moon - Tri Yann
  5. Honeymoon Child - Emilia Torrini
  6. Moondance - Nightwish
  7. Moonglow - Artie Shaw & His Orchestra
  8. As long as the Moon Can Shine - Mike Batt (From: The Hunting of the Snark)
  9. The Moon Her Majesty - Jack Kerouac
  10. Under a Violet Moon - Blackmore's Night
If you search yours, what moons do you find?

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Tags: memes, memories, moon, music, nostalgia
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