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I've seen all your qualifications... I wish nothing but the best for you

When coming back from a business visit to Munich, where I re-met two lovely female employees of the Business Plan Competition (one now not just married but with two small kids) and two lovely elder male colleagues as coaches for the entrepreneurs, where I barely caught the night train going to Paris (France, not Texas) on my way home... when arriving at my desk where just a pot of lukewarm tea awaited me, I could not help but think of the question that other man with a moustache once asked, a long time ago:
"I've seen all your qualifications... but where do you go to, my lovely, when you're alone in your bed?"

Somehow the Boulevard St.Michel makes me flinch and think of quite some cups I've drank there over those years of Paris, watching people go by or even writing....Collapse )

I haven't met the Aga Khan (but several previous heads of my own government), I do not own a racehorse unlike the Romney style (but I've been and been betting and winning at the horse races not just on howrse, also in Bad Harzburg or Iffezheim or Paris) - but for the life of me I still can not answer that question, and I suppose she can't either.

Read more...Collapse )
But then I thought: Old friend, why are you so shy? I wish nothing but the best for you...

You know how the time flies... and now it's time for a short moment of bed.

Hopw to read from you, sometime soon. Nevermind...
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